Information about insurances & rates.

Up to 18 years old

Most treatments for children and young people up to the age of 18 are covered by basic insurance. This is separate from your own risk.

Additional dental insurance

You can be reimbursed for part or all of the treatment by having additional dental insurance via your health insurer. Each insurer has its own set of treatments and reimbursement rates. We recommend you always to double-check your insurance policy or call your healthcare provider.

Material and technique costs

Every person and every dental treatment is unique. The Dutch Healthcare Authority has determined that material and technical costs for certain treatments must be charged separately in order to implement this as effectively as possible. As a patient, this gives you more options for completing your treatment.

You will receive an individual quotation for any dental treatment for which material and/or technical costs are charged. After you and your dentist have decided how this will be filled out, you will be given a personalized quotation, or you can request one.

The material costs for the culture tests that the dentist and dental hygienist can acquire from you are listed below:

Rates dental treatment

ID Circumscription Costs
C002 Periodic control €23,45
X10 Creating and evaluating small X-rays €17,28
X21 Creating and evaluating jaw overview photo €74,07
M03 Dental cleaning, per five minutes €13,84
V71 Single-surface filling amalgam €25,92
V72 Two-sided filling amalgam €41,35
V73 Three-sided filling amalgam €53,70
V74 Multilevel filling amalgam €75,30

Total overview rates

The rates for general dentistry are listed in the table above. Please see the NZa rate decision Dental care 2022 for rates on root canal treatment, bridge and crown work, periodontology, pediatric dentistry, orthodontics, implantology, and veneers.

Click here for the complete overview. For a detailed summary, click here. The NZA rate determination Dental care 2022 will then be referred to you.