Dental cleaning and hygienist in Amsterdam

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    Dental cleaning and hygienist

    Clean teeth are the foundation of a healthy smile. Cleaning our teeth not only keeps them clean, but it also keeps them healthy. When your teeth are in good condition, they are also less likely to be damaged and decay.

    Brushing and flossing on a regular basis are the foundations of the cleaning. However, there are other things you can do to keep your teeth in good shape. Our dental hygienists can clean your teeth even better by eliminating plaque and polishing certain areas of your teeth.

    You can reduce the risk of tooth decay and gum disease by visiting a dental hygienist on a regular basis.

    Dental cleaning oral hygiene

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      Dental cleaning oral hygiene

      How do we assist you during a dental cleaning?

      Our dental hygienist’s session is focused on preventing dental problems. This implies that your teeth are examined and cleaned so that bacteria, for example, do not have the opportunity to settle on your teeth.

      The dental hygienist accomplishes this by eliminating tartar and dental plaque from hard-to-reach areas. This includes a deeper cleaning beneath the gums to prevent irritation.

      This is accomplished, among other things, with our Airflow prophylaxis master, which allows us to remove tartar gently and effectively.

      In addition to thorough cleaning, polishing surfaces can protect your teeth by preventing bacteria from sticking to them. Alternatively, germs cannot attach to deep grooves if they’re sealed.

      A visit to the dental hygienist is therefore strongly recommended for anyone who wants to avoid tooth problems.

      Dental cleaning oral hygiene


      For the past five years, I’ve been coming to Dijkstra & de Wet. Lesha is always polite and has a way of putting me at ease. The warm and inviting atmosphere speaks to me. In addition, their abilities are up to date.


      I’ve always been terrified of going to the dentist. I walked in with a set of teeth that I felt couldn’t be saved after years of not checking. Dijkstra & De Wet were able to save my teeth and restore them to a healthy and pain-free state.

      Fear of the dentist?

      We understand that going to the dentist might be scary for some patients. As a result, we do everything we can to make you at ease. Tell us about your concerns, and we’ll take time with you to make you comfortable and explain all you need to know about your treatment.