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We have a great team of dedicated dental professionals committed to your dental health. We believe that prevention is the way to go and that when curing is necessary, it should be done in the most effective way possible.

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It’s been 40 years since the practice began. The practice of Elizabeth Dijkstra started on the Prinses Irenestraat and later moved to Apollolaan 121. This lovely location has been Elizabeth’s and the practice’s home for almost 30 years, and many people link it with dentist Dijkstra.

Lésha de Wet and Elizabeth Dijkstra met in 2020. There was an instant connection between the two dentists, who both started their careers as military dentists and loved their profession. At that time, Lésha was transforming Willemsparkweg 148-O into a dental practice.

It was the ideal time for the two dentists to start working together. Elizabeth wanted to select a successor for the practice and keep her personal and business lives separate.

Lésha took over the practice and moved it to her “new home” on Willemsparkweg. A brand new practice in a trusted location. Since then, the practice has been named Dijkstra & De Wet Dentists.

Lésha plans to expand the practice in the future, allowing more patients to experience the personal attention and care that dentist Elizabeth Dijkstra has provided for the past 40 years.

Meet the team

Dijkstra & De Wet has 14 professionals which are all qualified in their professions, certified, and up to date on the most recent dental improvements.

The dentists are registered in the Dutch dentists’ quality register for dentists (KRT) and all have KRT+ recognition. This means that they pay more attention to continuing education and training than is required. This indicates that the team meets the strict professional dental quality standards.



Elizabeth Dijkstra

Profession: Dentist
BIG registration: 69020797502
AGB-code: 12053014


Lesha de Wet

Profession: Dentist
BIG registration: 09921628602
AGB-code: 12199488

K.M. Oudshoorn

Profession: Dentist
BIG registration: 19922075602
AGB-code: 12199576

M. Ritteser

Profession: Dentist
BIG registration: 59914866402
AGB-code: 12199323

Dentists in training

Jop Kuijper

Profession: Student Dentistry

Christian van Mierlo

Profession: Student Dentistry

Dental Hygienists

Eveline Dokter

Profession: Dental Hygienist

Laura Bakker

Profession: Dental Hygienist
AGB-code: 87100063

Atifa Al-Zaidi

Profession: Dental Hygienist

Marit Mulder

Profession: Dental Hygienist


Maria Kabaktis

Profession: Assistant

Justine Aggey

Profession: Assistant

Hilal Akyuz

Profession: Assistant

Practice manager


Sylvia Bakkum-Luttikhuizen

Profession: Practice Manager and Prevention Assistant